How To Plan For Storage When Moving To A New Country For Work

When moving to a new country for work, renting a self-storage unit back home can be a great way to downsize and keep precious heirlooms close to the rest of your family. If you are considering renting a storage unit for the time you are living abroad, here are a few tips to help as you begin packing and preparing for your trip.

Rent A Climate-Controlled Unit

Renting a climate-controlled storage unit gives you more freedom to store a wide range of items. Records, books, and antiques that might become damaged by extreme heat or cold benefit from climate-controlled conditions. These types of units are typically located in indoor storage facilities, which also helps to lessen the chances of flooding and other natural disasters from damaging your items while you are away.

Get Insurance

Insuring the items in your unit can give you added peace of mind. In the event that disaster does strike, you may be able to recover some of the replacement value of your items. Because you won't be living in the United States, you won't have a local homeowner's insurance policy that covers your items in storage. Ask the facility if it offers insurance, or purchase a policy from a local insurance carrier to protect the items you'll have in storage while you are out of the country.

Pay Your Rent In Advance

Paying your rent in advance can be a great option for people living abroad. This prevents delays in mailing checks, and it can also be useful if the country you are moving to has spotty internet coverage that might prevent you from making online payments. Ask the storage facility if there are any discounts available for paying six months or a year in advance. You may also want to ask for a reminder a few months in advance to let you know when your lease is expiring so you can pay for the following year's rent in advance as well.

Cover Everything

Your items will be in storage for a considerable length of time, so take extra care in packing your items away. Use tarps to cover furniture as well as boxes, and consider using plastic storage containers instead of cardboard. If possible, purchase covers designed to fit over your sofas and chairs. Use moving blankets to protect wood furniture from scratches and scuffs as well as dirt.

Compare rates for local storage facilities, and be sure to let the management at the facility you choose know that you may be difficult to reach while you are living abroad. You may want to appoint a designated person to deal with the facility while you are away in the event of an emergency.

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