3 Things To Do Before Moving Stuff Into Your Storage Unit

Storage units fill a critical need when it comes to housing items that won't fit in your home. If your closet space is full or you are moving into a smaller property and need to downsize, you might find it beneficial to keep some seasonal items in a storage unit so they don't take up valuable space within your home.

Although storage units provide a safe and secure environment for your items, it's important that you don't just toss your stuff into the storage unit. Proper preparation is key to ensuring the long-term safety and accessibility of your stored belongings.

1. Create a storage plan.

Just because you place some seasonal items into a storage unit doesn't mean that you never want to use these items again. In fact, storage units should be used to temporarily house belongings that you might not use on a daily basis, but that you use regularly enough to justify keeping them in your possession.

Creating a storage plan before you begin loading your storage unit will help you keep your stored items organized. Your storage plan should include a system for labeling boxes and bins as well as a map of where you are placing individuals items within your storage unit to make accessing these items easier in the future.

2. Install shelving in the storage unit.

You might be tempted to just start stacking boxes filled with your belongings into a storage unit, but this approach could leave you with damaged or inaccessible items. Taking the time to install a shelving system inside your storage unit will help you stay organized as you move things in and out of the unit over time.

Individual shelves will help prevent boxes and bins on the bottom row from having to bear the weight of the items above them, preserving your belongings and ensuring they are suitable for use when you are ready to pull them out of storage. Your shelving unit should be set up to allow room for walkways so that you can easily access boxes or bins at the rear of the storage unit.

3. Set the climate controls.

Modern storage units often come equipped with individual climate control panels. This feature allows you to set the temperature within your storage unit to a safe level, preventing temperature fluctuations from compromising the quality of your stored belongings.

Make sure that you take the time to set the climate controls in your storage unit and check to see that they are working properly before loading your belongings into the unit. It's easier to make repairs if the storage unit is empty.