Kitchen Packing Tips To Boost Efficiency

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. So naturally, when you move, you want to be certain you take extra care when packing this room. Here are some useful tips you can apply to pack up your kitchen like a professional.

Toss Trash

As a general rule, if you're moving long-distance or you need to place your items in storage before you move into your new home, you should toss all opened food items in the trash. Opened food items are a fast way to create a pest infestation that might be hard to get rid of. Give all your opened food to a friend or family member. For any unopened items that require refrigeration, find a local shelter you can donate the items to. 

Clean First

Ensure you clean all your kitchen items first. Insects and other pests have very keen noses. A pot that looks clean to you might have trace amounts of food on it. Similar to trash, the food particles will attract pests. However, stains on your dishes and pots might cause damage, especially if your belongings will be exposed to hot temperatures. Clean everything as a precaution to stay safe. 

Separate Items

Separate the items in your kitchen based on their type, not necessarily their location in the kitchen. For example, only put pots in the box together; don't mix in cooking utensils and plates. In addition to making the unpacking process easier, packing like items together can also keep your items protected. For instance, as the box shifts, small cups in the same box as large pots and pans could break.

Pack a Go-To Box

Put together a go-to box for when you arrive at your home. Once you finally get the keys and have all your belongings moved inside, you might very well need several days or weeks to unpack fully. However, in the meantime, you still have to eat. A go-to box can consist of at least one table setting for each member of your family and some basic cooking utensils, such as a pot and large spoon. Even if you don't unpack everything, with the box on hand you can still prepare meals as needed. 

From packing to the day you arrive at your new home, following these tips can make all these processes easier. For an even more efficient move, contact a professional to get a moving estimate