How To Ensure Your Moving Estimate Is Accurate

If you have a move in the near future, you have a lot of things that must be taken care of. One thing that needs to do be is obtaining a moving estimate. It is important that you understand that the accuracy of your estimate can vary from one moving company to the next. There are a few things to familiarize yourself with before obtaining a quote to help ensure that it is as correct as possible.

Offer a Detailed Inventory

The best thing you can do is to take a detailed inventory of all of your belongings and provide this to your moving company. This will not only be helpful for you for the move, but it will also provide the moving company with a basic idea of what you have that needs to be moved.

Take a Guess as to the Number of Boxes You'll Have

As a general rule, most people will hire moving services well before they start packing up their belongings. Therefore, it can be difficult to know how many boxes you are going to need to be moved, which makes your moving quote less accurate. When you contact moving companies, they will likely ask the number of boxes you plan on moving. Do your best to make an accurate estimate. In the end, if you end up with more boxes than you thought and received an estimate for, you should contact the moving company and let them know immediately so they can adjust your quote.

Show Your Mover the Access Point

It is always important that you have an easy access point for your move, regardless of the size of the move. Without a convenient access point, it will be hard for your movers to move your belongings. In addition, if the movers have to carry your items an extended distance from the home to the truck, it could result in an added fee due to the inefficiency. Therefore, to make sure that you have an accurate quote upfront, show the movers your access point. Make sure they know of any long hallways, staircases, etc. that they will need to maneuver through.

Be Clear About Larger Items

If you have larger items like sofas, pianos, etc. that need to be moved, you will need to provide your movers with as much information early on as possible. Approximate weight and dimensions will be critical details. In addition, if there are any items that will be unable to fit through the stairway and need to be lifted out the balcony, let your movers know. Sometimes, a hoist can be used, but the movers will need to know ahead of time. Of course, things like this will affect your moving quote.

For more information, contact a moving company for a moving estimate well ahead of the move.