Do You Face Extreme Weather? 5 Ways A Storage Unit Helps

Do you live in an area that faces severe weather on a regular basis? Whether it's snow and ice storms, hurricanes, or flooding, good planning can help protect yourself and your belongings. And a storage unit can help. How? Here are a few reasons to invest in an off-site storage unit to counter bad weather periods.

1. It Gets Your Things Indoors. When extreme weather occurs, the best place for your things is inside a solid structure. But many Americans don't have an inside home for all their property. If you park your car outside, house gardening equipment, or store sports equipment outdoors, they'll be safer inside a locked storage unit. 

2. It's Still Insured. Did you know that your household belongings, vehicles, and equipment are generally insured just the same off-site as they would be on your primary property? Check with your insurance carrier, but in most cases, your insurance coverage includes items temporarily stored away from home. 

3. You Have Location Options. As they say in real estate, the one thing you can't change about your home is the location. Unfortunately, this means that your location will be subject to particular threats — such as flooding or hurricanes — that you can't change. But if you have another storage location in a different area, you can maximize protection by having options in bad times. 

4. You're Ahead of the Crowd. When extreme weather comes, everyone in your area will be trying to secure their property and get things to safer locations. This makes getting your hands on safe spaces difficult if not impossible. But when you have that location already in place, you don't have to compete with your neighbors for an inside storage location for your car, boat, or other equipment. 

5. Units Are Cost-Effective. You can right-size your storage units to hold just a few of the most fragile, expensive, or most irreplaceable items. Or you might move a lot of extra goods to it and reclaim space at home. But either option is less expensive than making major changes to your home, garage, or property in order to better protect your stuff. And you can change your plans at any time. 

Where to Start

Learn more about the protection, security, and safety that personal storage units can offer to your belongings. Whether you need a roof over your car during hail storms or a dry location in a flood-prone area, a storage facility could be just what you're looking for. Tour companies today to find the right place for you. 

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