Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Packing Service To Help With Your Move

When you move, you have to decide what tasks you want to do yourself and what tasks you want to hire others to help with. One task that people are sometimes unsure of how to approach is packing. Should you hire someone else to pack your things for you? That really depends on your situation, how much time you have, and your budget. There are also some pros and cons to consider as you make your decision. 

Pro: Your things will be well protected.

Even if you think you wrap things up well, you probably won't do as good of a job as professional movers. They pack for a living, and they definitely do not want their customers' things to break. So, they tend to do a very good job of wrapping things and packing them securely. Your items are probably less likely to break during the trip if you hire professional packers instead of packing yourself.

Con: You have to give up control.

It can be hard to accept that someone else will be handling, wrapping, and packing all of your things. You may have items that you feel personally connected to that you don't want others handling. You can always separate and pack those things on your own, but that is more work to add to your routine and may negate the convenience of hiring packers.

Pro: Your items will be protected by insurance.

If a packing company offers insurance and packs your items and they do happen to break, they will be covered by insurance. If you were to instead pack all of your own things, you would be liable if something broke. In this way, hiring packers might save you money if there is a moving accident or something of that nature.

Con: Items may not be packed the way you like.

While you can give your packers certain instructions to follow, they might not pack them the way you want them to. For example, you may find that your stuffed animals are split between three boxes instead of all being in one, or that your teacups and teapot are in different boxes. This is more likely to bother you if you unpack yourself versus having the packing company also unpack for you.

Consider these pros and cons, and decide whether hiring professional packers is the right choice for you. Contact a local packing service to learn more.