Preparing Your Home Before The Packers Arrive

If you're hiring a packing service for your move, then you know that they will pretty much do most of the packing and transporting for you. However, even though they are going to make things easier for you, there are still a lot of things for you to do to prepare. Here are five things you should do before the packers get there to make moving easier.

Inventory Everything

Go through your home and take note of where everything is and what you plan to have packed. It's helpful if you take photos or a video as you go, as well as keep a written record. This will not only help you get organized, but it will help once you've moved into your new place.

Remove Things That You Won't Be Moving

The packing and moving company may give you a list as to what they won't take. Often, these include things like chemicals, oils, cleaning fluids or even nail polish. They will also not take fresh or frozen foods. You also might have to transport valuable items and documents yourself, as well as your household plants.

Organize Your Items

Organize things so that related items are kept together and are easy to access. Keep items that you plan to transport yourself in a separate area and let the packers know that these items should not be packed. A no-pack area should also contain anything you will need after the house is empty, such as cleaning supplies or non-perishable food and utensils.

Clean and Wash Things

Clean and wash everything before it gets packed, especially clothes, linens, and towels. Not only does this cut down on smells and germs, but also insect hitchhikers. It also makes things easier and more pleasant when it comes to unpacking after the move.

Prepare Your Electronics

Make sure you unplug your electronics and remove any loose batteries. If you fail to remove the batteries, then the packers will do it for you. Try to pack your electronics in their original box and keep all cords and wires neatly wrapped and organized. Charge up any rechargeable items ahead of time.

Be sure to get organized and prepare well before the movers arrive. Doing so will not only make things easier for the packers, it will also shorten the moving time. You will also ensure that all your items are packed correctly and arrive in good condition. If you need someone to help you with your move, then contact a packing and moving company like American MiniMover to see what they can do for you.