Packing Your Mobile Container For Safe Travels

Mobile storage containers make moving so much easier. You can slowly load the unit over time, and then have it transported to your new home whenever you are ready. You also don't have to worry about transporting your items to an off-site storage facility. Where some people do struggle, though, is when it comes time to pack or load the storage container. After all, these storage containers are significantly smaller than the standard storage unit you might rent on the other side of town. So, how can you pack your storage container in an efficient way that also keeps items safe during transportation? Start with these tips and strategies.

Make sure your boxes are completely full.

A box that is only partially full is likely to collapse under the weight of things you put on top of it. So, make sure all of your boxes are full to the brim. You may want to keep a pile of blankets and pillows handy. If you have a box with some extra space to fill, you can easily pop a pillow or blanket inside as a reinforcement.

Tape the padding and wrapping onto fragile items.

As your storage container is loaded and unloaded from the truck, things will jostle around a little. This can cause some of the padding to slip or jiggle off items like wine glasses. Then, the next time that box is moved, the glasses might break. You should wrap anything fragile in bubble wrap or tissue paper, and make sure you use tape to secure that wrapping in place.

Distribute the weight evenly.

Don't put all of the heavy items on one side of the container and the lighter ones on the other side. This may make the container rock more when it's put on the truck for transportation. To help pack the container evenly, start by sorting your boxes. You can orange tape on heavy ones and blue tape on lighter ones. Then, as you start loading the container, put orange boxes on the bottoms of all the stacks and blue boxes further up towards the tops of the stacks. This not only keeps the weight evenly distributed, but it also helps ensure your heavy boxes don't crush the light ones. 

Take furniture apart.

Don't try to pack boxes and other items around an awkwardly shaped table. You won't be able to get the stacks secure, and the legs of the furniture are prone to breaking if something slides into them during shipping. Take furniture apart so you can pack it in a more compact way.

If you pack your storage container safely and efficiently, then your items should be in great shape when they arrive at your new home. Contact a self-storage container service for more information.